Imperial Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao)

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Big Red Robe is one of the great Wuyi Teas, and one of our favourites.  Produced from the Wuyi Qidan cultivar and picked in mid April, carefully sun withered before charcoal roasting, resulting in it’s wonderful taste and aroma.Our Big Red Robe has been medium roasted giving it a rich mellow flavour with hints of cocoa, and a sweet almost floral aftertaste.

Western style:

Measure 1 tablespoon per cup (150-200ml), add near boiling water, infuse for 1-3 minutes.

3-6 Infusions.

Traditional Style:

Measure 3-5g per cup (150-200ml), infuse in near boiling water for 30 seconds, gradually increasing the time on subsequent infusions.

Made this way the tea can be brewed between 5-10 infusions.

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Sarah M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Tea was delicious and arrived promptly

Truly special tea

If you're a tea fan, you will absolutely adore this. It's completely worth the price tag - complex and yet not overpowering, slightly sweet, comforting, and the difference between each infusion took me completely by surprise. I'd say this is perfect for drinking on its own, not with food - you don't want to take anything away from its fantastic flavour

Mellow and comforting

Mellow and comforting, big red robe has an almost woody taste with a yummy hint of chocolate. Second infusion is where this soothing tea really comes into it's own.

Luxury tea treat, worth it!

This tea is fab - really complex flavours which change after every brew. It's slightly sweet and a little rich, and feels like an indulgent treat to have on its own. I'd say it's a perfect mid-afternoon drink, far too special in its own right to risk overpowering it with food. If you're a tea fan, you will absolutely love this...