Gui Fei 'Honey' Oolong

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  • This delicious rolled oolong is grown in Nantou County, Taiwan. Where it is gently roasted after being rolled into it's characteristic tight spherical shapes. This tea has a rich and spicy aroma, with a long sweet finish. .

    Because the tea is tightly rolled, it can benefit from a brief 'wash' to open up the leaves. Simply pour a first brew and leave to infuse for 15 seconds or so, then discard, and proceed to brew as normal.
  • Western style:

    Measure 3g per cup (250ml), add water 90-95º C, infuse for 3 minutes.

    3 Infusions.

    Traditional Style:

    Measure 3-5g per cup (100-125ml), infuse in 90-95º C water for 1 minute. Subsequent infusions from 60 seconds gradually increasing the time with each infusion.

    Made this way the tea can be brewed between 3-5 times.

Category: oolong, Taiwan

Type: Oolong

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