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Gui Fei 'Honey' Oolong

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  • This delicious rolled oolong is grown in Nantou County, Taiwan. Where it is gently roasted after being rolled into it's characteristic tight spherical shapes. This tea has a rich and spicy aroma, with a long sweet finish. .

    Because the tea is tightly rolled, it can benefit from a brief 'wash' to open up the leaves. Simply pour a first brew and leave to infuse for 15 seconds or so, then discard, and proceed to brew as normal.
  • Western style:

    Measure 3g per cup (250ml), add water 90-95º C, infuse for 3 minutes.

    3 Infusions.

    Traditional Style:

    Measure 3-5g per cup (100-125ml), infuse in 90-95º C water for 1 minute. Subsequent infusions from 60 seconds gradually increasing the time with each infusion.

    Made this way the tea can be brewed between 3-5 times.

Category: oolong, Taiwan

Type: Oolong

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United Kingdom United Kingdom
I love this tea!

Great everyday medium oxi oolong. One of by go to's

Bohea Teas

Delighted to hear you enjoy it Jack

Gret Oolong

Very good Oolong. I'm recpmmending this leaves. They are great for lessons with Ms. P

A delicious, well-rounded and refreshing tea

Simply delicious. Flavoursome, yet delicate with a honey-like taste. I could drink this all day.

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