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Lapsang Souchong

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  • A subtle smoky Taiwanese Lapsang Souchong, made in the traditional way and slowly smoked over pine to impart a wonderful flavour.
    This tea benefits from relatively short steeping times for a black tea, and can be used in multiple infusions
    100g of tea makes approximately 100 cups (based on 3 infusions)
  • Brew in near boiling water for Water for 1 minute or to taste
    3-5 Infusions
    3g per cup

Category: Taiwan

Type: Black Tea

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Joss W.
Beautifully, subtly smoked.

Lapsang Souchong is one of my favourite teas, and I've tried a variety from overblown chemical-tasting smoke-drenched lapsangs to entirely smoke-free jin jun mei. Ideally, for me, the tea should have a subtle but noticeable smokiness that runs throughout the tea, leaving it smooth in the mouth and with a slight sweetness from the smoke. This tea is one of the best lapsangs that I've had a chance to try. It neither over- nor underwhelms with its smokiness, and consistently makes a beautiful tea. This is my default tea to drink throughout the day, and never disappoints. (For reference, I tend towards lighter oolongs or pouchongs for other teas, but also regularly drink a fairly lightly-brewed Assam.) As an aside, this tea is fairly forgiving in the brewing -- a minor miscalculation in the amount or brewing time won't result in a undrinkable tea. I prefer to brew this with water just off the boil, and can usually get two or three brewings depending on the setting. My main complaint is that my eight-year-old son is now an entirely unrepentant lapsang addict...

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