Phoenix Honey Orchid

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  • Also known as Mi Lan Xian Oolong, this tea is grown at altitudes of 1000-1500m on Phoenix  Mountain in Guangdong Province.  This unique environment produces the fantastic tea which has dark bar shaped leaves that produce a bright golden liquor, that is filled with floral peach and honeyed flavours.
  • Western Style:

    Measure 1 tablespoon per cup (150-200ml)of near boiling water and infuse for 2-3 minutes. Can be infused up to four times.


    Measure 3-5g per cup (150-200ml) and infuse in near boiling water for 30 seconds, gradually increasing the time on subsequent infusions. Brewed this way the tea can be brewed between 5-10 infusions.



Category: China

Type: Oolong

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