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  • A lightly oxidised Oolong grown in the North of Taiwan. This is a lovely refreshing tea.
    Light, bright vegetal flavour with hints of citrus and cinnamon.


  • Western style:

    Measure 1 tablespoon per cup (150-200ml), add 80º C water, infuse for 1-3 minutes.

    3 Infusions.

    Traditional Style:

    Measure 3-5g per cup (150-200ml), infuse in 80º C water for 1 minute. Try subsequent infusions between 60-90 seconds gradually increeasing the time on subsequent infusions.

    Made this way the tea can be brewed between 3-5 infusions.

Category: Taiwan

Type: Oolong

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Great oolong introduction

Wow, is this what real tea is all about? I’m no expert but it’s a big step away from the ‘infusions’ you get in normal shops. A mate suggested doing something different and by golly that was a good suggestion.


So lovely and refreshing!

Beautifully light and refreshing

Not a loose leaf tea expert, I was pusuaded by the extremely knowledgable and polite Chris to start my loose leaf tea journey with ‘Pouching’. Now I must say that since that journey has started I have found a true favourite (gui fei) but in returning to a cup of pouchong by chance I was reminded of how light and refreshing it is.

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