Sencha Fukamushi

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  • A sweet and mellow first harvest Japanese Sencha from Kyoto Prefecture prepared in the Fukamishi style, which means that the leaves are steamed slightly longer that a traditional Sencha, which brings out more of a natural sweetness fom the leaves.

    Sencha Fukamushi is a perfect starting place for pepe new to Japanese teas, as well as favourite of experienced tea drinkers.  It is simple and easy to prepeare in either the tradional style using small amounts of water, or larger cups more common in the West.  Fukamushi Sencha also makes a delightful iced tea. How to make iced tea.

  • Traditional Method: Measure 1 heaped tsp (3g) per cup (100ml) and brew in 80°C water for 1 minute or to taste. Can be brewed 3 times

    Western Method: Measure 1 heaped tsp (3g) per cup (300ml) and brew in frershly boiled water for 3 minutes. Can be brewed 3 times.


Type: Green Tea

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