We are extremely delighted to say that Out of the Blue in Chorlton one of the finest fishmongers in the land (and Manchester) has agreed to stock some of our loose leaf teas. We have started with three green teas, a Sencha, Genmaicha, and a Korean Green tea called Jhiricha.  If any one would like any of our Oolong tea or black tea to be stocked then drop us a line and we will see what we can do (or there is always the website www.boheateas.co.uk)
The Sencha is a 1st harvest (Ichibancha means 1st harvest) Sencha - traditional green tea from Japan.  It's excellent quality, with lots of Umami - the indescribable Japanese word for a slightly indescribable (in English) taste sensation that is slightly fresh, slightly salty, a hint of sea air, with green grassy quality.  It goes great with fish and Sushi inparticular.
The Genmaicha used to be referred to peasants tea (a long time ago) due to the tea being mixed with toasted rice to make it go further, and is still often made with 2nd harvest teas.  Ours is at the other end of the spectrum and uses good quality 1st harvest Sencha mixed with toasted brown rice.  You get a popcorn flavour alongside the vegetal sweetness of the tea.  It's great to drink in the evening as the rice lowers the caffeine quality.
Both of these teas are best brewed as smaller portions.  If we are brewing at home, then I use a 300ml teapot with 6-7g of tea - which yields 2 cups.  brew for 50-60 seconds, a bit shorter on the second brew, and a bit longer on the third brew, with water at around 80 degrees C (boil a kettle and leave it for 10 mins)
Our Jihiricha comes from Korea and is a delightful green tea from semi wild tea bushes.  It loves to be brewed at low temperatures.  If you are feeling brave, brew it as low as 60 degrees C, although it will take temperatures of 80 degrees.  Again my personal preference is to brew short infusions at 30-60 seconds.  However, some of my friends prefer to use 3g of tea in a 250-300ml pot for 2-3 minutes,and get a bigger mug out of it.  There isn't really any right or wrong. It's all down to taste.  This is one of my favourite  go to, green teas.  It has a lovely rich toasty, biscuity flavour alongside the verdant freshness one expects from a green tea.
We hope you enjoy our tea.